What Iloilo And Panay island Has To Offer

Whenever I find myself in a city outside of Iloilo, there is only one question I hope people won’t ask, and that is, what’s good in Iloilo? Of course the obvious answer would be the Dinagyang festival held every last weekend of January. But aside from that, do you really feel a sense of overwhelming pride in saying “you should try our Batchoy” or “we have lots of churches”?

Is Iloilo and Panay island boring?

Absolutely not! I’ve always told friends from other places that the word “fun” when you’re in Iloilo, and in Panay island in general, is totally dependent on what your idea of fun is, and who you’re with. The problem arises once you don’t know anyone from here, or when those that you know are as lost as you.
So to solve that problem, let me give you a few places that a traveler needs to visit when one finds him/her self in this lovely island of ours.

Seco Island

I call this my sanctuary. Forget about Boracay and its overcrowded beaches. Seco Island provides the weary traveler with solitude and tranquility that is to die for.

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Seco island is a 400 meter sandbank found in the waters of the Province of Antique. Going to this island can be arrange by land from Iloilo to Antique, and then by outrigger boat to the sandbank.

Camping, snorkeling, diving, kite boarding

Guimaras Island

To give credit to this majestic island that dwarfs the city of Iloilo, it is actually a separate Province. Well known as having the sweetest mango in the Philippines, Guimaras is also a haven for adventure sports enthusiasts as well as beach combers.

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Being hailed as the mountain biking capital of the Philippines, adventure seekers can ride the multitude of trails Guimaras has to offer. From paved highways to single track and downhill trails, biking around the island is definitely and experience any mountain biker will remember for years on end.
And once the day is done and the trails conquered, the island has a myriad of beach resorts with white sand beaches that can rival that of Boracay.

Mountain biking, island hoping, practical shooting, jungle survival training, mango picking, snorkeling, hiking

Isla Higantes

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Isla Higantes is one of many islands which dots the seas around the towns of Carles and Estancia north of the province of Iloilo. What used to be a secret getaway by in the know local backpackers is now a must go and experience destination for any city slicker who wishes to experience what life in a humble fishing village is.

Snorkling, island hoping, camping, rock climbing, hiking

If any of these places tickle your fancy, then let us take you there. Being one the most trusted name in the Iloilo car rental industry, we have a fleet of vehicles that can cater to any travel needs you may have within the island of Panay.

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